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Indiana Glass Book

Over 12 MB's of info in easy to use E-Book Form
This CD contain all the following information:

Indiana Glass Book 
Table of Contents

It gives the history of the Indiana Glass Company from 1885 until they closed in 2002.  It contains all the info on the 1970's Harvest Carnival Glass in blue, gold and lime green.  Info includes pictures and values.  It includes pictures and values for all the Heirloom and Tiara carnival glass.  It has old and current Indiana Glass factory photos.  It also has scanned copies of original Indiana sales catalogs including the following patterns:

Indiana Glass Book
Sales Catalog Info

This Indiana Glass Book CD is jam packed with just about anything you ever wanted to know about the Indiana Glass Company in easy to use, e-book form.  You can flip thru the pages like a book.  It is better than a book because it comes with it's own search engine to find the exact info you are looking for.  It contains all this site information PLUS 36 pages of original sales catalogs pages.  Sales help to support this site and

The information is MASSIVE, the cost is minimal.  These are 10.00 each plus 3.50 to ship and insure.  Total cost is 13.50.  Please email me if you would like one of these.  Or click on the link below.

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