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Tiara Exclusives
1970 to 1998

I am going to touch on Tiara very briefly and deal mainly with the carnival glass that Indiana Glass made for the Tiara line.  The Tiara line is EXTENSIVE and glass was made for them  by several different companies primarily using old molds.  For more
in-depth information on Tiara, I would suggest getting the book, Tiara Exclusives by Ron Teal, Sr.

Tiara Exclusives came into being on July 1, 1970.  It was strictly a retail outfit, they did not manufacture any glass.  Tiara Exclusives was started by the Indiana Glass Company to capitalize on the home party craze.  They followed the lead of Home Interiors, Tupperware and Mary Kay.  Perhaps you remember attending a few of those home parties.  I sure do.  Every relative, co-worker and neighbor I had seemed to be having one and I was invited to them all.  To many of us they became the "dreaded home parties".  Attendance was required or someone's feelings were "ruffled" and you pretty much had to buy at least one item.  

For those of you who are not familiar with home parties (lucky you!), the hostess (usually your sister, best friend, neighbor or co-worker) would send out invitations to 10 or 15 people and then promote glassware in a cozy living room setting.  Hostesses usually marketed about 15 items per party.

Some of the items found in the Tiara catalogs were labeled "Preferred Hostess" and were offered as bonuses or gifts in addition to cash commissions.  The Flower Medallion Lime green carnival glass items below fell into that category.  They were not offered for sale.  They were incentives to motivate high sales.   The Flower Medallion reissues below are rarities in newer Indiana Glass carnival glass.

Flower Medallion Reissues - Old Pattern #158 - circa between 1915 & 1920
Flower Medallion Reissues - Old Pattern #158 - circa between 1915 & 1920
506 - Lime Carnival FM Goblet
508 - Lime Carnival FM Pitcher
507 - Lime Carnival FM Swan
509 - Lime Carnival FM Wine

Marigold Carnival Glass sold by Tiara
Marigold Carnival Glass made by Indiana Glass for Tiara
101 - Carnival Bon Bon Dish
104 - Carnival Decorator
102 - Carnival Compote
105 - Carnival Duet Server
103 - Carnival Chalice
106 - Carnival Ash Tray

All of the above carnival glass was made by the Indiana Glass Company and sold through Tiara Exclusives from 1970 to 1998.  The marigold carnival pieces were sold to the general public and are fairly common.  The Flower Medallion remakes are rare.

Tiara Exclusives closed in November 1998.

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