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Indiana Glass Factory Pictures

Indiana Glass Factory Pictures
This page is dedicated to Dean and Diane Fry

They encouraged me in this project every step of the way.  The Frys have a deep love and respect for all glass and for their fellow man.  They have devoted many years of their lives to carnival glass, freely sharing their time and knowledge with others.  I asked Diane if she had a picture of the Indiana Glass Co. and guess what those sweet folks did?  They drove to Dunkirk, IN and obtained the pictures below. Dean and Diane give from the heart and set the finest example for us all.  

Indiana Glass - The Early Years - Factory Pictures
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Indiana Glass Factory 1916
Indiana Glass Company - 1916
Early Picture of the Indiana Glass Company
No date on this one
No date - taken of framed picture in the Museum
Indiana Glass from the air.
No date
Aerial Factory View
Pictures taken Sept. 12, 2003 of the Indiana Glass Factory
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Indiana Glass--Sept. 12, 2003
Indiana Glass taken Sept. 12,2003
Indiana Glass and Offices in brick bldg. adjacent.
Plant Sept. 12, 2003.
Pictures of workers at Indiana Glass
Scenes from Indiana Glass when it was producing glass.  These pictures were not dated.  There is still activity at the Indiana Glass plant.  There are workers fixing and retooling molds and the buildings are used for warehousing glass from other Lancaster Colony glass factories.

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