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I am a carnival glass collector.  I was 15 years old in 1971 when Indiana Glass introduced their blue carnival Harvest line.  I fell instantly in love with the pretty rainbow glass.  While my peers were out buying hot pants and Rolling Stones albums, I was at the 5 and Dime buying Indiana Harvest Carnival Glass.  

At first I bought it for my Mother.  Poor Mom, every Christmas, Birthday, Mother's Day, I bought her more.  It wasn't until years later she confessed to me she hated the "Gaudy awful stuff " and to STOP buying it.  I learned young, Indiana Glass is not for everyone (smile).  When I got a place of my own, Mom packed up all the Indiana carnival and it went with me.

As the years went on, I discovered there was more to carnival glass than just Indiana Glass.  There was beautiful Fenton, both newer and old carnival glass.  There was Northwood, Millersburg, Dugan, Imperial and MORE.  I love it all!  I am a carnival glass addict, a glassoholic and there is no known cure and I don't care.  I live for each new piece of rainbow glass.

But I remember where I came from, I remember where I started and I remember that child in me cradling those pretty blue rainbow goblets with care.  I looked for information on Indiana Glass, I couldn't find any.  I bought carnival glass books and there was nothing there about the glass so near and dear to my heart.  At first it made me mad and then it made me sad.  But when I started researching Indiana Glass I realized that a great deal of the reason they are not in the books is their own fault.  Indiana Glass has an elusive and undocumented past.  And the company when contacted was not extremely helpful to researchers.

But I still love them.  Sometimes I think I know more about them then they did about themselves.  I have talked to Indiana Glass collectors, retired Indiana Glass workers, bid ridiculous amounts of money on Ebay for old Indiana sales catalogs, picked the brains of Goofus, Depression and Tiara collectors and searched the whole internet  for any information I could find on Indiana Glass.  I have bought books and spent untold hours at the public library.  This site is the result .

I don't claim that everything here is right.  This is Indiana Glass as I have "pieced " it together.  But someone has to start somewhere, just like I had to start somewhere collecting carnival glass.  It would have saved me alot of time and headaches if I would have started with Northwood or Fenton..........(smile).

I hope you read and enjoy and my heartfelt thanks to the many who have helped in my quest.  If anyone has any information on Indiana Glass or documentation, please email me and I will include it on this site.  

Donna Adler

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