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Indiana Glass Pattern Identification Guide
Indiana Patterns CD Book
Indiana Glass Pattern Identification Guide

Indiana Glass Pattern Identification Guide in easy to use e-book form. CD contains 200 patterns with over 1900 pictures. Please see the Table of Contents below. This ebook covers Early American Press Glass, Depression Glass Patterns, Classic Glass Patterns and Contemporary Glass Patterns, 100 years of Indiana Glass. This is the most complete guide to Indiana Glass that is available. Contains the history of the Indiana Glass Company, original catalog illustrations and more.
This IS really simple to use. There are picture pattern lists, an alphabet list, I have cross referenced the early patterns with their newer contemporary reproductions through the use of links. This is especially helpful when it comes to the Tiara items. The pictures are large to show pattern detail. No printed book could ever offer as much as this easy to use ebook. There is a vast wealth of Indiana Glass information at your fingertips.
Each of the table of content items below are clickable links on the CD. Each link takes the user to pictures and pattern details. This contains ALL of the Indiana Harvest Milk Glass and Carnival items, ALL the catalog info concerning Diamond Point, ALL the Heirloom carnival items, Tiara honey box colors, all the EAPG Patterns, all the Depression Glass Patterns, etc, etc. View the list below. There are 50 MB's of info on this CD.
Many of you know I have pretty much dedicated my life to Indiana Glass and it's collectors. I have been working for years on this and it goes WAY beyond my website, total different format and lots more patterns and info. And as always, my email address is available on the CD. I am always here to answer questions. My CD's come with author support. ALL books should come with author support. There is also a folder on this CD entitled Puzzles, fun stuff using Indiana Glass patterns. There's never been a glass resource like this one.
Table Of Contents
Indiana Glass History
Alphabetical Pattern List
Picture Pattern List - A thru L
Picture Pattern List - M thru Z
Early American Press Glass - 1900 to 1930
Depression Glass - 1925 to 1940
Classic Glass - 1940 to 1970
Contemporary Glass - 1970 to 2002
History of the Harvest Molds
Harvest - Milk Glass
Harvest - Blue Carnival - 1970's
Harvest - Gold Carnival - 1970's
Harvest - Green Carnival - 1970's
Heirloom - Red or Sunset Carnival - 1970's
Heirloom - Amethyst Carnival - 1970's
Art Deco - Tiara
Avocado - Crystal
Avocado - Green
Avocado - Pink
Avocado - Tiara
Bethlehem Star
Bicentennial Plates
Bird and Strawberry
Bird and Strawberry - Tiara
Bismarc Star
Blenko Type Glass
Bosc Pear
Bristol Diamond
Cameo Black - Tiara
Canterbury Baskets
Cat and Bunny on a Nest
Christmas Candy - Teal
Christmas Candy Crystal
Constellation - Indiana Glass Catalogs - 1970's and 1980's
Constellation - Tiara - 1973 to about 1988
Constellation or Intaglio - 1935
Cord Drapery
Cracked Ice
Cradle - Miniature
Crown - Ruby Band
Crystal Ice
Daisy Dianne
Daisy and Button
Daisy and Button with Narcissus
Darling Grape
Dewdrop - Tiara
Diamond Band
Diamond Point - Amber
Diamond Point - Blue
Diamond Point or Cameo - Black
Diamond Point - Crystal
Diamond Point - Golden Elegance
Diamond Point - Horizon Blue
Diamond Point - Marigold Carnival
Diamond Point - Ruby Band
Dogwood - Decorated
Dogwood - Tiara
Double Fleur de Lis
Double Pinwheel
Dutchess Punch Sets
Early American - Sandwich
Eclipse or Flower Medallion
Egg Hors D'Oeuvre Tray
Egg Plates - Vintage or Veronique
Empress - Tiara
Ferris Wheel
Flower Medallion - Crystal
Flower Medallion - Decorated Crystal
Flower Medallion - Lime Green Carnival
Flower and Leaf Band
Fluted Colonial or Quadruped
Fuchsia with Diamond Band
Garden Pink
Garland or Tear Drop Compotes
Good Luck Water Set - Red Carnival
Goofus Glass - Lamps and Vases
Gothic Windows
Harvest - Blue Carnival - all items made
Harvest - Gold Carnival - all items made
Harvest - Green Carnival - all items made
Harvest - Milk Glass - all items made
Heirloom - Red or Sunset Carnival - all items made
Heirloom - Amethyst Carnival - all items made
Heirloom or Hobstar - Fenton Reproduction
Heirloom or Panelled Daisy and Fine Cut
Hen on a Nest
Honey Boxes - Tiara - all colors made
Horseshoe - Green
Horseshoe - Yellow
Indiana Custard
Indiana Feather
Indiana Silver
Iris Wine Sets - Tiara
Jewel and Festoon
Jewelled Moon and Star
Jolly Mountaineer Decanter - Tiara - all colors made
Juno or Double Pinwheel
Kettle - Miniature
Killarney - EAPG and Reissues
King's Crown Compotes
Late Butterfly
Late Paneled Grape
Laurel or Laurel Wreath
Leaf or Desert Blossom
Lexington Punch Sets
Loop and Jewel
Lorain - Green
Lorain - Yellow
Lord's Supper - Goofus
Lord's Supper - Tiara
Lotus Blossom
Magnolia - Oleander - Willow
Moderne Classic
Monarch - Black
Monarch - Cobalt Blue
Monarch - Coral
Monarch - Smoke
Mt. Vernon
Narcissus Spray
Nursery Rhyme Plates - Blue Carnival
Nursery Rhyme Plates - Crystal and Goofus
Nursery Rhyme Plates - Tiara
Old English or Threading
Old Man Decanter
Oleander - Magnolia - Willow
Orange Blossom
Oval Star - Child Toy Set
Panelled Daisy and Fine Cut
Panelled Heather
Panelled Strawberry
Park Lane
Pebble Leaf
Peerless Colonial
Pineapple and Floral - Reissues
Pineapple and Floral - EAPG
Pinwheel and Star
Ponderosa Pine
Pretzel - Reissues
Princess Candy Boxes
Princess Punch Sets
Pyramid - Black - Tiara
Quadruped - Carnival
Quadruped - Crystal
Rainbow Garden
Rainbow Mist
Rayed Flower
Rose Point Band
Rosette With Pinwheels
Royal Brighton or Windsor
Sandwich - Tiara
Sandwich or Early American
Shell and Jewel
Shooting Star
Silver Anniversary
Soda Fountain
Spanish American
Special Colonial
Star Band - Bosworth
Star and Crescent
Starred Horseshoe and Band
Stippled Sandbur - Stippled Star Variant
Strawberry Jar and Cover - Tiara
Sweet Pear - Tiara
Tea Room - Crystal
Tea Room - Green
Tea Room - Pink
Tear Drop Compotes
Togo - Twin Feathers - Bismarc Star
Top Hat - Daisy and Button
Twin Feathers
Vernon - Crystal
Vernon - Yellow
Water Lily
Whirled Sunburst in a Circle
Whirling Star
Whitehall or American Whitehall
Wild Rose
Willow - Oleander - Magnolia
Windsor or Royal Brighton

Price is 10.00 plus 3.50 to ship and insure, 13.50 total.  There is enough info on this CD to fill at least three printed books.  GREAT reference / resource for the glass collector, antique dealer, internet seller or glass researcher.

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