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Indiana Glass Catalogs
Six Indiana Glass Catalogs
These six catalogs were only available to glassware dealers. Some of the items included in these catalog are carnival glass, crystal, milk glass, "Blenko" type art glass and more. Some of the patterns covered are:

Harvest - blue, gold and lime green carnival glass
Heirloom - red and amethyst carnival glass
Diamond Point - crystal, ruby band, amber, blue
Windsor - Carnival and crystal
Princess - carnival glass and crystal
Lexington - ruby band
Recollection - old Federal Madrid pattern
Crystal Ice
Whitehall and American Whitehall
Crystal Happenings
Mt Vernon
Hen on a Nest
Ruby Flash Glass
And Many, Many more!

Too many patterns to list. Hundreds of pages of original Indiana Glass catalog information.

LOTS of interesting info in these catalogs. I have scanned the catalog pages and put them on CD. They are in easy to use, e-book form. Just click on the file and it turns into a book. You flip through the pages just like a book. These would be a very interesting and informative addition to any Indiana Glass collection. Also a great resource for glassware identification and research.

1960's Indiana Glass Catalog - Blenko type glass - 6 pages
1978 Indiana Glass Catalog - 36 page with 4 page price list.
1980 Indiana Glass Catalog - 64 pages with 2 page supplement on Jars.
1988 - 1989 Indiana Glass Catalog - 90 pages
1990 - 1991 Indiana Glass Catalog - 88 pages
1992 Indiana Glass Catalog - 74 pages

Click here to buy the Indiana Glass Catalogs CD
The price is 10.00 plus 3.50 to ship and insure.

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