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Harvest Carnival Goblets

Blue Carnival Harvest Goblet
Gold Carnival Goblet
Blue Carnival Goblet
Gold Carnival Goblet
Lime Green Carnival Goblet
Blue Carnival Goblet Candle
Lime Green Carnival Goblet
Blue Carnival Goblet Candle

The Harvest carnival glass goblets were first introduced in blue by the Indiana Glass Company in 1971.  By 1974, the gold and lime green carnival colors were added to the line.  They were sold in boxes of four.  These stand just over 5 inches tall and they weigh 3/4 of a pound each.  They hold 9 ounces of liquid.

The goblets were also sold individually as candleholders.  A company called Bayberry Candle ordered a very large quantity of these from the Indiana Glass Company and sold them one Christmas as candleholders.  They had a thick foil cup that fit inside the goblet and it was filled with scented wax.  They was a sprig of plastic holly and a bit of tinsel tied to the goblet stem.  They were a very popular and inexpensive Christmas gift and many thousands of them were sold.  That is why the goblets by far out number the tumblers.  I have pictured one above.

These goblets were made in all three of the carnival glass colors, blue, gold and lime green.  

Price Guide Value
Blue - $10 to $12
Gold - $8 to $12
Green - $10 to $15

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