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Harvest Carnival Pitcher

Blue Carnival Pitcher
Gold Carnival Pitcher
Green Carnival Pitcher

The Harvest carnival pitcher was introduced in blue carnival glass by the Indiana Glass Company in 1971.  By 1974, gold and lime green carnival colors were added to the line.  The Harvest pitcher stands about ten inches tall on it's pedestal base and weighs nearly 5 pounds.  It holds 70 ounces of liquid.  

Indiana Glass never sold water sets like many of the other carnival glass makers did.  The pitchers, goblets and tumblers were always sold separately.  That way you could mix and match and build your own water set.

The Harvest carnival pitcher was made in all three of the carnival glass colors, blue, gold and lime green.  

Price Guide Value
Blue - $25 to $35
Gold - $20 to $30
Green - $30 to $40

Original Colony Harvest Pitcher
Modified Harvest Pitcher
Original Harvest Pitcher Mold
Modified Harvest Pitcher Mold

The Harvest carnival pitcher has a very fascinating and mysterious history.  The Lancaster Colony Corporation bought the Indiana Glass in 1957.  The Harvest molds were moved to the Indiana Glass Factory shortly after this purchase.  The Harvest molds were developed by Lancaster Colony and were first used to produce beautiful milk glass items.  The first Harvest milk glass items were called Colony Harvest.  For more in-depth information on this, please read:

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