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Harvest Carnival Oval Center Bowl

Blue carnival center bowl
Gold carnival center bowl
Blue Carnival Oval Center Bowl
Gold Carnival Oval Center Bowl
Lime Green Carnival Oval Center Bowl
Lime Green Carnival Oval Center Bowl

The Harvest carnival oval center bowl was introduced by Indiana Glass in 1971.  The gold and green carnival colors were added later.  This is a large and heavy bowl measuring 12 inches long and 8 1/2 inches wide and it stands 4 1/2 inches tall on its four feet.  The bottom of the bowl has a many fruit pattern.  This is the only Harvest Pattern item that sports more than just grapes and leaves.  

It was made in all three of the carnival colors, blue, gold and lime green PLUS an elusive clear carnival version.  I have never seen the clear carnival version but I have heard from several Harvest collectors that some exist.  
Price Guide Value
Blue - $10 to $20
Gold - $10 to $15
Green - $15 to $25

*Special Note*
I have received several emails on these.  Indiana Glass reproduced the oval center bowl for about 30 years in a WIDE range of colors.  It was produced in numerous shades of blue, green, gold as well as frosted glass colors.  It was made in pink, clear, ruby red flash glass, decorated and more.  The MAXIMUM value on these, no matter what the color, is about 20 dollars.

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