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Harvest Carnival Large Canister
Blue Harvest Carnival Large Canister Jar
Blue Carnival Large Canister
Gold Carnival Large Canister
Green Carnival Large Canister

The Harvest Carnival large canisters was introduced by the Indiana Glass Company in the mid to late 1970's. It measures 9 inches tall (to the top of the lid) and 6 1/4 inches across the uncovered top.  They are cookie jar size and scarce.

Interest and sales in the Harvest carnival was declining.  The small canister (candy jar) had been a HUGE success sales wise.  In an effort to "revive" sales, the Indiana Glass Company introduced the medium and large canisters.  Their thinking was that everyone who had bought a small canister would buy the medium and large ones to complete the set.  This did not happen and the medium and large canisters had a short production run.  They are tough to find.

The large canister was made in all three of the carnival colors, blue, gold and lime green.  

Price Guide Values
Blue - $125 to $150
Gold - $50 to $75
Green - $50 to $80

Original Indiana Sales catalog picture of the three canister set
Original Indiana Sales catalog picture of the three canister set in blue carnival.  The price list  is dated 1978.  The large canister sold for $2.69, the medium sold for $2.46 and the small one sold for $2.32.

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