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Harvest Blue Carnival Wedding Bowl & Cover

Blue Harvest Carnival Modified Wedding Bowl
Blue Harvest Carnival Original Wedding Bowl
Blue Harvest Carnival Modified Wedding Bowl
Blue Harvest Carnival Original Wedding Bowl
Why is a wedding bowl called a called a wedding bowl?  Because by day it is a pretty candy dish but for special occasions, (like weddings), it becomes the base to the punch bowl set.  The Indiana wedding bowl is no exception, it was intended to be the pedestal base for the blue carnival punch bowl set.  There are two versions of the blue Harvest covered wedding bowl.  Please note the lids on the pictures above.  The one on the right is the punch bowl base.  You take off the cover, turn the bowl upside down, turn the cover upside down and the "grape knob" fits inside the bottom of the pedestal base.  Ever wonder why the lid has that raised circle?  When upside down the base of the punch bowl fits in that circle.
Punch set with wedding bowl base
Here is what the punch set looks like with the wedding bowl base.  Why the two version wedding bowls??  Well.......because the original wedding bowl fit together very poorly.  It is hard to find one that actually works like the picture above.  It makes for a good display but not a very sturdy one.  If you look at the two wedding bowl pictures above you will see that Indiana Glass added a cylinder of glass to the top of the grape knob so it would not fit in the bottom of the upside down wedding bowl thus ending the problem of the poor fitting base.  Some of the early wedding bowls work rather well but you have to try several wedding bowls before you find a good one.  And it has to be the one on the right before the mold was retooled.

The Blue Harvest carnival wedding bowl stands about 10 inches tall.  The original factory number was #2225.  It was made in BLUE carnival ONLY, not gold or lime green.  

Price Guide Values
Blue - $20 to $35
Green - NOT MADE

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