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Carnival Hen on a Hest

#2891 - Hen on a Nest - blue carnival
#1260 - Hen on Nest - gold carnival
#7643 - Hen on a Nest - green carnival
Blue Carnival Hen on a Nest
Gold Carnival Hen on a Nest
Green Carnival Hen on a Nest

The carnival glass Hens or Hon on a Nest were made by Indiana Glass in the 70's.  These were made in all three of the carnival glass colors, blue, gold and lime green carnival glass.  Indiana Glass made their Hens for 70 plus yerars.  According to Indiana Hon collectors, the can be found in 80 different colors.  The above three are the only carnival glass versions.

Price Guide Value
Blue - $10 to $20
Gold - $10 to $20
Green - $15 to $25

Crystal Hen - Lattice Nest - No Beading

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