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Harvest Lime Green Snack Set
Lime Green Snack tray and cup
Carnival Snack Set with box
Lime Green Snack tray and cup
Lime Green Snack Set with Box

The Harvest Lime Green Carnival Glass Snack set was sold as an 8 piece set.  The set consisted of 4 snack plates or trays and 4 matching cups.  The snack set was only made in lime green carnival glass.  It was NOT made in blue or gold carnival glass.  These sets were made about the mid 70's and had a short production run.  The complete set can be hard to find.

Please note the cups are NOT the same as the punch cups.  I have seen some sets being sold with punch cups.  The snack set cup is a bit larger and flared slightly at the top.  It also has a small pedestal foot.

Price Guide Values
Green - $60 to $100
for a complete 8 piece set
Green - $15 to $25
for one cup and tray

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