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Avocado - Green - 1923 to 1933
Avocado plate in Green - 1923 to 1933
Avocado plate in Green - 1923 to 1933

Avocado is Indiana Glass pattern number 601.  This pattern was introduced by Indiana Glass in 1923. It is considered one of the very first depression glass patterns and was produced for about 10 years. Avocado was made in green, pink, crystal and white milk glass.

Avocado was reissued by Indiana Glass in 1973 and sold through Tiara.  The pattern name was changed to Sweet Pear.  Sweet Pear was produced from 1973 to 1988 and offered in a variety of different colors.  Please see the pattern list for more info on the Sweet Pear reissues.

The pictures below were provided by Paul Nowack.  Thanks Paul!

Avocado - 8 inch two handled oval bowl
Avocado - 8" two handled oval bowl

Avocado - 5 1/2" two handled bowl

Avocado - 6 inch tri-footed relish bowl
Avocado - 6" tri-footed relish bowl

Avocado - 7 inch one handled preserve bowl
Avocado - 7" one handled preserve bowl

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